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Honor Boxes and Snack Trays

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Honor Boxes and Snack Trays
by Sheridan Systems

Sheridan Systems has been the leading national wholesaler of Honor Boxes and Snack Trays to the vending and charity industries since 1973.
Honor Boxes and Snack Trays
Honor Snack Trays
Honor Snack Boxes
This eye-catching, sturdy snack box works like a vending machine on the honor system. It is engineered to display 100 items of chips, candy bars, cookies, and snacks.
Charity Display Boxes Lollipop Charity Display Boxes
Charity Box Display
This attractive display is used to dispense bite-size candy such as peppermint patties, hard candy, peanut butter cups, etc.
Lollipop Charity Display
This attractive display comes with an insert designed to hold 63 lollipops.
Mini Snack Boxes and Honor Boxes Accessories for Snack Trays and Honor Boxes
Side Car
Used along with the Snack Box or on its own. Its is usually used for items that are larger or differently priced than the items in the Snack Box.
We have all the accessories you need to give your vending business that professional look and to keep it operating efficiently.

Are you in the vending or office coffee service business?

Snack boxes are a "must have". They are the best way to generate more revenue while getting your return on investment within a month.

Are you just starting a business?

Snack boxes are one of the best ways to achieve a runnning, viable, and profitable business. It takes at least a year for most businesses to start showing a profit.

This is not a risk!

The only way you won't get your investment back is if you don't locate your displays in businesses!

Ordering "Checklists"

Getting started or reordering? Click here for some checklists to make sure you have everything you need.

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